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 Confidence saying

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PostSubject: Confidence saying   Sun Aug 31, 2008 6:21 pm

That song I posted (Faith of the Heart) makes me think of something someone drilled into my head a long long time ago. Tis something he told me one night to help boost my sinking self esteem and broken heart. I tend to forget it but then it always comes back to nail me and usually when I need it most. I've not shared this in many moons, and even then to only a couple close friends. I think now I should share what helped me through the years so it may help someone else.

It comes from the man who shattered my heart into a million shards but then carefully glued it back together bit by bit so it was stronger. He changed my life in ways he'll never understand. He took me from someone that despised and hated ALL men, except my brothers, used them as I'd been used and tossed them out, and showed me men can be trusted and loved. He taught me I could care. That I could stop being the Queen of Ice Hearted Bitches.

Words I lived by for a long time, until my Mother died and I fell apart completely and lost ME. Words I am going to live by again as I come back to ME.

I owe Alonzo many thanks. For being my first TRUE love. For taking the time after he shattered me to near oblivion, to pick me up and put me back together, stronger. For seeing past the cold Bitch to the hurt "child". For loving me no matter what I did. For turning me into a Woman. For showing me sex could be fun and not just something I was forced to do or do to get what I wanted. Most importantly, for the words he spoke to me that fateful night that changed my life.

Even tho I was told this so long ago (when I was in the Army) and falling asleep, I can to this day, quote what he said nearly word for word.

Those words... "Confidence, Control, Trust..... Have Confidence in yourself and in your decisions. Have Control of your mind and your body. Have Trust in what you do."
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Confidence saying
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