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 "Shadows" Poem by CrystalKatt

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PostSubject: "Shadows" Poem by CrystalKatt   Tue Sep 02, 2008 11:27 pm

Change is riding wyld fierce winds toward me
About to sweep me into a furious ride
As it catches me up, twirling me about like a tornado
I see Shadows standing about at the edges
Shadow's seen only as shapes
But I know who and what they are

Some come to light as scenes of past
Blinding me, bending me, breaking me
But as each image appears to pin me down
To force me to yield in my strong stance
Other Shadows step up and reach for my hands
Their touch shatters the nasty visions
Sending the old memories to where they should be
In a place of remembrance
Out from the place of control

When the images come of things too painful
So strong as to drive me to my knees
To put my face on the earth, hiding it in shame
My whole being shaking and crying out from the hurt
Feeling helpless, hopeless, lost, incomplete
A tiny sound breaks through the roar of the insanity that deafens me
A movement makes me look up through the eyes of the inside dead

Around me arms reaching out
They pull together in tight circle
Arms reach out as one
They pull me to my feet
Pushing away the blackness that has engulfed me
Again sending the memory out from control of my being

In time the blackest of my mind shall settle
Tamed by Those that will not let them tame me
Tamed by the strength given and shared
Breaking the chains those memories have bound me with
Bound me for so long I thought to never be free
Giving me hope
Taking away the dispair
Strengthening me because they care

Those shadows that reach for me
My family and friends who will not let me live in the past
Who have taught me its time to live
That I am loved and cared for
That I am worth letting the horrible memories go
That I can thrive, move on, without regret

For this I am ever grateful
I shall never forget
And when their times come
I will be their Shadow reaching back for them
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"Shadows" Poem by CrystalKatt
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