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 "Blah to Ok" Poem by CrystalKatt

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PostSubject: "Blah to Ok" Poem by CrystalKatt   Thu Sep 04, 2008 9:00 pm

My mood is foul
My mind a blur
I feel to be a bloody cur

Rest I sought
Was quite fraught
With visions I remember not

My spirit feels battered
My willpower wants to shatter
At this moment I say what does it matter

A sigh escapes tightly closed lips
I try to block those mental kicks
A tired brain spasms with tiny tics

It seems I've fallen on my butt
Weary from a distant felt hunt
I wonder if I found the runt

I feel the fire in my eyes
The growl from throat comes not shy
Frustration tells me to cry

Doubt rears its ugly head
Filling my essence with dread
Feeling ripped in half like a loaf of bread

Even as I write all seemingly black
Songs and thoughts of others bring sense back
Anger struggles with the back in place smack

Time goes by
Minutes on the fly
No longer an urge to cry

Tainted energy begins to fade
Lessening is the uphill grade
A better mood to me did bade

So a smile and giggle I shall do
As yet another time I've been pulled through
Maybe I'll yelp out a tiny whohoo
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"Blah to Ok" Poem by CrystalKatt
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