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 Please read first. Information/background on Nomads.

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PostSubject: Please read first. Information/background on Nomads.   Sat Dec 06, 2008 8:10 pm

Nomads is a role playing group that is for creatures of any kind to join in. Currently in the main story there are Vampires, Were Creatures of assorted types (Ligers, Bears, Dragons etc), Ghosts and Humans. As long as the character is fit into the storyline properly, anything is welcome.

While at this time there is only 1 story, multiple stories are encouraged. If anyone wishes to do a different story, simply ask one of the site Admins (WyldKatt or Bishop Reigns) to set up a section for that story.

The general idea in main story is ancient times. Immortals as well as Mortals that range from Sorcerers, Warriors, Healers and any other kind of thing people wish to be. Nothing of a modern nature is allowed. The group will in time be traveling to different areas of the world. A page will be done with true facts about the country that is going to be traveled to.

This group is deliberately being kept small but we would like to add more people/characters as people leave, be it purrminatly or just for spurts of time.

Please realize that this story has been being written over several years. People have come and gone/will go without warning and bumps can not be helped in story. We work around these issues as best we can. Sometimes (thankfully), people return after long periods even though it looked as if they were never to return. For this reason, I have set the storyline up so that those people that have been around have an option to return quite easily into the story (They are in a magical sleep). I have also set things up that anyone new that wishing to join us can do that as well quite easily (MystressKatt has sent riders with letters to all her friends to come join her.).

Please also realize that over time, characters change. The writer may want them different for purrsonal reasons or quite simply the character needs to grow type thing. These changes can be anything from a name change to full blown characteristics change. The writer will be responsible for making sure this is pointed out in story properly to help avoid confusion.

There are 4 Guardians. The Guardians are those that run the group. They shall always be the Guardians even though real life has interfered and caused some to be unable to return. Hopefully one day all 4 will be reunited. They are: MystressKatt, LittleBearWolf, Raven, and LiquidPhang. The combined effort of these 4 people created the original group. If the group should grow to a size that more Guardians are needed, those of the Original 4 left will make the sole decisions as to who will help them. Only the 4 can not be removed.

If you have any questions or would like a rundown of the story before you decide you want to read, feel free to contact Katt. The story is broken up into sections to make things easier to read and also find where you left off. Obviously the oldest is at the bottom and you should start there lol.

Hope you enjoy the story and if you like RP will consider joining us.

Let the fun begin (again) lmao. Katt
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Please read first. Information/background on Nomads.
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