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PostSubject: TamazineWolf   Sat Dec 06, 2008 9:06 pm


I am TamazineWolf .

You all may call me Tam my mom does .

My mother is Littlebearwolf and

my father is Wolfmystic*IWD .

I am part of the Cherokee Wolf Clan.

Like my mother.

I took on her Clan not my fathers.

I do practice some magic.

I am studying to be a healer like my aunt ,

and some of my other family.

Intent to maintain peace within the Clan walls.

I'm not a fighter nor do I wish to be.

But I will stand my ground when I must.

I am the granddaughter of:

GrimReaper*COD and LilAngel*COD .

I am also a twin to my brother

KodiackWolf he is off learning to

fight with my father

and i do not get to see him offten.

We keep in touch through a special link we have.

My mother say i am a chilld at heart cause

i like having fun picking on people

,making sure ever one is having fun.


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