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 Jondalar {Shylah Son}

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PostSubject: Jondalar {Shylah Son}   Sat Dec 06, 2008 9:08 pm

I am Jondalar McLeod-McGregory. I am ShylahKatt's son. My father is Max but Raven forced him out of the picture, something I shall forever be greatful for.

For many years I was a "ghost". Momma had cast a powerful spell when I was going to die as a child and it kept my spirit with her. Little did she know that Artemis, momma's main Goddess, took my body from the funeral pyre before it was burned. Taking it to her Temple, she kept my body alive until she felt the time was right. Artemis told me she was testing momma for something when she came and got my "spirit" so I could go back to momma as a real boy.

However when I was "returned" to momma, I was a full grown man but my mind needs to catch up to my body. Tis ok though, momma is teaching me well.

I stand 6' 5" tall with a lanky build. I have my momma's vibrant green eyes and black hair. Its a little scarey just how much we look alike. As she likes to say I am my momma's son most definatly.

I have a quick whit and enjoy pranking everyone. I hope one day to have the great magic my momma and father have.

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Jondalar {Shylah Son}
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