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PostSubject: LittleBearWolf   Sat Dec 06, 2008 9:12 pm


My family was killed long ago by an evil wizard.

I have roamed this land in search of a home

since then.

I am the only one left of my kind that I know of.

I'm a were wolf/ werebear hybrid

and vampire thanks to my adopted brother.

I come from the Cherokee Wolf Clan

but practice some magic.

Intent to maintain peace within the Clan walls.

I'm not a fighter nor do I wish to be.

But I will stand my ground when I must.

I am a healer in some old ways i have learn

from an healer friend.

I love the wilderness and nature.

I am one with them and

protect them in every way possible.

If anything, life is my favorite thing.

To live it, is but an adventure in itself......

i am the adopted daughter of :GrimReaper*COD

and LilAngel*COD.

I have more adopted brothers and sisters in the world .

I am the Mother to TamazineWolf and KodiackWolf.

My son lives with his Father learning the was of a fighter .

My daughter lives with me

and is a young child at heart.

I was looking for a home to call my own.

As I was wandering I stumbled across

Lady Death Stars.

I went in looking for shelter

and found instead a friend.

She took me in and allowed me to stay and

call her home mine.

I reside there. i have made friends in the

mdGrsfP&tr .

May the two Clans aline together and

be good friends.

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