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 ShylahKatt {former MystressKatt}

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PostSubject: ShylahKatt {former MystressKatt}   Sat Dec 06, 2008 9:14 pm


I am ShylahKatt. My birth name however was Shylah Kaitlyn Brina Grear Kacey Aithne McLeod. It means strong, little darling, protector, watchful, eagle-eyed, little fire. Father used to tease me that he gave me each of the names Mother had picked out for the 6 girls she wanted. They had wanted 6 boys and 6 girls.

I was born 121 years ago. I stand 6 foot tall with waist length black hair, vibrant green eyes that will glow red or purple when I get angry. I am of Scottish/Irish blood. My hot headed temper has gotten me into quite a bit of trouble but everyone that knows me, knows I can't help my intense emotions and can calm as quickly as I anger.

I'm a very fun loving purrson but know when to get serious, even if I do crack a joke or two while slicing the gullet of an enemy. But make no mistake, harm someone I love and you have a life long enemy.

I was born the only girl of 8 children, to a merchant and his wife. Mother died with my birth. My father and brothers tried desperatly to raise me to be a Lady, but how could I not pick up their habits *laughs*. When I turned 7, it was decided I would learn like the boys and my thirst for knowledge began, continuing to this day. My brothers taught me their lessons and also many pranks and jokes, mostly by my being on the receiving end of them.

I had a glorious childhood. So much laughter and love. I was greatly over protected but it gave me my sense of loyalty.

On my 21st birthday, my brother Jon took me with him on a business/leisure trip to Africa. We happened to come across one of Jons friends and were invited to stay. One day our friend took us on a tour of his wild animal sanctuary. While we were touring the big cat area, a Ligeress escaped from her handler and attacked us. I was severely mauled, as was Jon.

I was rushed to the nearest "doctor". A shaman. I don't know exactly what he did but somehow he pulled me back from deaths door. I was however, forever changed. I had become a WereCreature. In return for saving my life, I made a life pledge to defend the shamans family any time they need me. A dagger will glow as if on fire when I am needed.

After I recovered, I began my world travels, as word had been sent to my family of both Jon's and my "death". I returned home only 7 times in all these years. I was with my brothers and father at their death bed. The shamans magic allowed me to know when it was time to return home .

During my travels I have learned several martial arts technics, magic and swordsmanship. I have made many acquaintances, several loves and few true close friends. I have built a home, Myst Manor, secretly in the highlands of Scottland. It protects secrets I shall not tell of.

I am a Sorceress as well as Warrioress. My weapons are magic, a claymore sword (although I can use any sword that touches my hand), and a whip. The tooth from the attacking Ligeress I wear around my neck "Charmy" will drip blood when there is danger. I have specially bred dogs (Irish Wolfhound, Wolf and English Mastiff mix) that are magically enhanced to become demon-like when I am in extreme danger. My horse, a Belgian Stallion, is also magically enhanced. I love to trick train any animal I can get my paws on *laughs wickedly*.

My son, Jondalar, was killed when he was 7 years old. As he was dieing, in the total desperation of a grieving mother, I cast my most powerful spell and Jondalar's spirit was able to stay and be part of my life. He is, of course, his mothers son, and the pranks he has pulled put mine to shame (specially when he decides to get his Aunty Bear!!!). Jondalar looks so much like me its scary!

My Goddess blessed us shortly before my return to MystManor and brought my son's live body to me, with his ghost spirit intact. He now has the body of a full grown man, but must learn to be a man, not a child now.

Now I travel with my dearest friends. Our adventures are tales you shall just have to keep looking for as the... Nomadic Guardians of Nature.

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ShylahKatt {former MystressKatt}
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