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 "Fate Fight" Poem by CrystalKatt

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PostSubject: "Fate Fight" Poem by CrystalKatt   Wed Dec 17, 2008 11:38 pm

Bleakness felt
Tiredness wrought
Success for me is not
But a fleeting dream

Darkness of mind
Blackness in heart
Anger and rage battle to win

At the cliffs edge I sought rebirth
Renewal, release
This twas but a silly vision

I can not fight the Fates
I can not hold true to My dreams
My desires, My wishes

Strength is courage
Courageous I am not
Weak of will
Tired of mind
How to stop myself from being so blind

I went through Hell
I pulled through
But for what is all I can ask
I step forward
Smile for a bit
Light of heart
Quick with whit

But then the wall jumps in front
Knocking me to my knees
The rage abides
Never truly hides
It smirks its hateful laugh

Failure is eminent
I try to tell myself its not
But I know the truth
Its always been the same
This hellish life game

How can I help others
When myself I can not
The Goddess was wrong
When she chose me
Her call I can not answer
I can not win the battle

Blankness of mind
Would be so much a relief
I grow tired of being so angry
It eats my soul, my heart, my mind
Destroying what I've tried so hard to reach

I can not fight the Fates
They will have Their way
Maybe next life will be what I yearn for
But that I shall not count on
After all the Fates are immortal
While I am not
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"Fate Fight" Poem by CrystalKatt
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