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 Something to be named

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PostSubject: Something to be named   Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:32 pm

I can not cry tho my pain runs deep
Tears burn dry eyes that wish to seep
As strong as I appear I am truly weak

My painful heartache is not small
The price that was paid was quite tall
As from me my own heart did fall

As I stand falsely strong and true
Knowing in my heart I've left so few
Treasures as beautiful as morning dew

Tormented and driven
I can only hope one day to be forgiven
My selfish deed true pain has given

My selfish deed you may ask
To refuse to watch the others pained mask
As I fear he's been put to task

I can not stand by and watch his hurt
His pain in my heart was burnt
My true to heart anger a major spurt

Life is changed never to be the same
I wish it could all be a game
But it is not and there is only true to heart to blame

I miss my Bestie Sad Sad Sad

Written by LadyIce
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Something to be named
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