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 Thoughts by Katt

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PostSubject: Thoughts by Katt   Tue Jul 01, 2014 11:28 am

Yes, Katt is back. The dead has risen and shall stay alive, tho there are some differences. In some senses Ice is still here as well but she melted and said melt strengthened Katt.

Wow. I reread some of what I wrote a few years ago. The turmoil and pain. The utter hurt. Many things have changed yet much has stayed the same. Its a shame some of how I felt back then continues to this day in very similar forms but for different reasons. Its also a delight to have some of how I felt back then be completely wrong.

Ah the ups and downs of life.

Since my last writing I have moved out on my own, have been here for almost 4 years. I like it and hate it. The main issues I have are the too tiny bathroom and kitchen. They make me hate the apartment. That and its taking me far too long to get this place fully set up. After FizzFizz died on Nov 15, 2012 I began my tumble back in to deep depression. But will explain that in another post. Will do an issue per post so this is not a super long book read in 1 pop lol.

Lets see... I shall update on where I live. FizzFizz death effects. Kicking Bill and Dwayne out of my life. Finding LOVE in a much younger man. My quitting smoking. My resulting weight gain from Fizz death and smoking quit. Where I want to go from here. Bear's wedding. PJ's getting me to a place where I am getting my tattoo addiction fix lol. Maybe some other things.

Many changes in my life.

Many similarities in my life.

Let the chaos weirdoness begin! hehe
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Thoughts by Katt
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