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 Celestria's Story ideas

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PostSubject: Celestria's Story ideas   Sat Jul 11, 2015 11:14 pm

soo the king of romaina wants to marry off his daughrter so hes throwing a ball for her 18th bday and she knows what shes planning but she doesnt want to get married to some prince so during the ball she runs away. While running a group of rouge vampires attack her and try to kill her and drink her blood and all she can do is scream when suddenly a shadow appears and its another vampire. and shes thinkin im goin to die :""( when all of a sudden the new vamp starts beating up the rouge vampires . when the rouges are dead the new vamp walks up to the girl and she screams but he just says shut up or more will come and i wont be able to kill them all to protect u she looks at him closer and realizes that hes the son of dracula!!
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Celestria's Story ideas
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