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 Katt's Story Characters

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PostSubject: Katt's Story Characters   Sat Jun 28, 2008 11:57 am

Some tidbits of information as to whom is who in Katt's first story. This will be edited as the story evolves and more characters come into play. Some have how to say and what they mean. Most are Goddess/God or Gaelic names (I have a thing for anything Celtic lol). With out working speakers at this time, I can't get complete soundings of names so will fix this later.

If you see words like "gealbhan" (little fire), they are actual Gaelic (I usually go for Scottish instead of Irish). I've looked them up in a dictionary I use and went with the closest word to what I'm trying to get across. I may be using the words in the wrong context but hey its all in fun and gives me a chance to use something I've wanted to learn for years in snippets (Scottish Gaelic).

The Lady/Mistress is "Muirgheal" "Gheal" for short (sounds like "mure gale"). Means "Sea Bright".

Momma Tiger is "Shylah" (sounds like its spelled). Means "Strong".

Cub is "Wee One or Little One" (for now)

Dragon is "Dagda" (sounds like dea-Dia). Means "Good God".

Horse is Setante (sounds like "se'tanta"). Is the name of a legendary Irish Warrior.

Stable Master is Gregory.

Cook/Housekeeper is Maggie.

Connor is a mystery guy. Means "strong will".

Tommy is Muirgheal's little brother.

Papa/Sir is the Papa haha

Gairdh is another mystery guy. Can't find out how to pronounce this one atm. Means "Rough One".
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Katt's Story Characters
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