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 "Destiny" poem by CrystalKatt

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PostSubject: "Destiny" poem by CrystalKatt   Sun Aug 10, 2008 11:10 am

Memories invade
Dreams haunt
Wishful thinking marks the heart

Time passes
Lessons learned
But still I always yearn

An ache
A tremble
Frustrations grumble

I think of the past
Yet am always in the present
Combine them to give me Heaven

Stress opens the mind
Taking it to places it should not
What to do to make it stop

Mind dances with heart
Heart tangles with time
Time transcends them all

Walk along this crazy path
Its my way, its my destiny
Some day my answers will come to me

Twists and turns
Stumbling around
Ever lost in a crowd

Where are the answers that I seek
What a jumbled mess thoughts throw at me
But all is good in the end, for its all my destiny
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"Destiny" poem by CrystalKatt
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