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 Figure out a name Poem by CrystalKatt

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PostSubject: Figure out a name Poem by CrystalKatt   Sat Dec 12, 2009 10:55 pm

Time heals all wounds so they say
I feel I've wasted my entire life away
My heart leapt out
Emotionally twisted about
Self destruction, hatred of life
Part of me wants to oust my heart with a knife

But in this end of what is past
I must find strength to make resolve last
Turmoil, grief, anger and disbelief
So many failures its hard to not deceive
My weakened mind and shattered heart
I feel my whole world fell apart

Emotions felt so strong and true
Held back so tight destroying my soul superglue
The pain I've felt I hope will last
So that I might recover from my past
No one can truly love me until I love me
This I can clearly see

I've tried so many time before
Only to fall on my ass to the floor
I've given up but tried again
Wobbled and toppled like a toddlers playpen
So many doubts and deceptions to self I've made
Will I recover as the Goddess bade

As I think and doubt
Music has me moving about
Could my old help be the way
Would it help me when resolve sways
A chance I will give it to heal
So one day I can again let my heart feel
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Figure out a name Poem by CrystalKatt
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